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An inter-disciplinary approach for identifying evolutionary active regions in the human genome. ERC Starting Investigator grant FP7 – 261213


Genomewide scans of selection

As part of our ERC funded MALADAPTED project we have generated genomewide genotype data for 662 individuals from 25 populations:


We have used haplotype homozygosity based methods iHS and XPEHH along with allele frequency differentiation (Fst, PBS) to infer regions of the genome that have undergone the most drastic changes in the recent past. The results of these scans have led to the definition of catalogues of candidate loci associated with:

cold adaptation in Siberian populations (Cardona et al. 2014)

high altitude adaptation in Andeans (Eichstaedt et al. 2014)

hunter-gatherer life-style in Mikea of Madagascar (Pierron et al. 2014)

Together with Prof Bill Amos we have developed a novel method to scan for signals of positive and balancing selection in relation to specific environmental factors (Raj et al. 2013).



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